Luxury Shoes – When to Splurge

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a lover of shoes. Who isn’t? Will they go with every outfit? Of course! Will they last forever? Definitely! They’re a smart investment surely? Well, sometimes.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in shoe sales and wanting that extra pair of heeled sandals but when SHOULD you invest in quality shoes and who should you invest with? Here’s a list of a few brands that I’ve been following a while and soon I’ll complete my collection (dreaming). It can be hard to justify your 54th pair of primary shoes and who are you kidding? The aren’t the heels of your dreams. Invest in a little luxury in these …. occasions where is smart to pay the extra

Everyday Boot

Ecco Shape 75 Sleek – £130


It doesn’t have to be healed but most of us will find a pair of ankle boots that we will wear at every possible opportunity and dread the days when it gets warmer and boots are not long acceptable (why summer, why?). Now I’ll admit my first boot love was a pair of a little shop on eBay. For £20 they weren’t too shabby, but after my fifth pair in two years, I started to realised the “suede” wearing, the platform shying away from the shoe and the heel coming off maybe had something to do with the quality of the shoe and it was time to look elsewhere #gutted. Anyway, enough with the stories. My point is, we all have a pair of everyday ankle boots we love, so when it’s time to get a new pair, invest in a good quality pair. Quality is key here to ensure they can last through the English weather and days on your feet. Brands like ECCO are great because they are more focused on the quality and the make of shoe rather than keeping up with trends and producing quantity.


The Abbigail – Black  £70

Whether you work in an office or you’re in part-time retail. When it comes to courts, it’s time to forget New Look (sorry, I love you really) and look at brands that know what their doing. Although on now on trend with the heel height increasing by 3 inches, the best court shoes won’t be sky high. Brands like Dune keep it classic with a 8.5cm heel, this’ll still be enough to give you height but it’ll be comfortable.

Wedding Shoes

April – £230

It may seem like the ideal place to cut back when it comes to wedding expenses, but wedding shoes are just as important as anything else. Invest in a pair of quality shoes that will support you during the day. Forget high heels, you’ll need a low to mid heel to make sure you can still feel your feet at the end of the night. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary pain. A fantastic brand to go with is a brand like Charlotte Mills, where the wedding shoes are well thought out and made more personal than a pair of white shoes. These heels have a blue label in the shoes, a sixpence in the sole and come with an envelope to turn after your wedding day with a picture of you in your shoes (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue).  If you’re going to invest in some wedding shoes, do it for a pair with a meaning behind them.

Hope you enjoyed this little post. More to come soon!



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