Big curls using an air styler

Hi everyone, todays post is going to be about curling hair with an air styler. I used the Andrew Barton air styler, this costs around £20 on argos. It comes with three heads, a flat brush for straightening hair, and head for curling and a head for body. Today I’m going to use the head for body, you can use this on wet or dry hair but it works best when you’re hair is around 90% dry. If yours tried of trying to give yourself a blow out using your hair dryer and like me you struggle juggling your comb, brush and hairdryer without having a mental breakdown then get yourself one of these. So lets get started!
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Five High-End Products Worth Their Money

Now lets just close our eyes for a minute and pretend we have endless amounts of money to spend on endless amount of hair products, makeup and skincare- ahhhhh. Right, now back to reality. A little treat here and there is very well appreciated but for the majority of the time we (me) have to put sadly look but not touch everything in Harvey Nicks and walk on by. Living on a student budget can be challenging at times and although I’m not a lover of own-brand digestive biscuits I will happily sacrifice those luxuries for a alternative if its worth it. I’m sure there are more than five but in my experience, these five products are the worth the money and in my eyes, worth giving up those heinz baked beans.

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