Niko Pro Oval Brush Set


Oval brushes have been popular for a few years now and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. There’s something so elegant about gliding the brush over your face to apply your makeup. As much as I would love to pay in for the super super expensive brushes you see all over YouTube, my wage doesn’t exactly support that. Unfortunately I need to spend my money on grown up things like rent, bills, and food – shame.

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Let’s Talk About Diet Culture

Diet culture is one of the most controlling systems within our society. It permeates nearly every part of our lives and is completely destructing. A huge part of my life as been plagued with the symptoms of diet culture and after years of trying to fix myself I’ve learned that I never had to in the first place. Let’s have a talk about diet culture, my experience with it and where I want to go now.

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It’s 2017! My New Years Resolutions & Goals

Welcome to 2017 everyone! Another year has come round pretty fast and I’m looking back at 2016 and trying to think about all the good and the bad and where to go from here. While I don’t believe that people should just change completely at strike of twelve but for most of us it’s the kick up the bum we need to really make a change.

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Best Bath Time Buys

IMG_3131I don’t care what you say, a bubble bath once in a while is essential. After a year in student halls with a bathroom filled with fluorescent unflattering lighting and pipes poking out the walls I have really learnt to appreciate my bathroom at home, and of course-the baths. There are a few things that I have come to think of a essentials for bath times to make them as relaxing as possible.

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Whats in my bag ⎜New Michael Kors bag!


Hello everyone! I recently got a Michael Kors bag and I am in love with it! Its not totally dissimilar to my bag before. I used to have the Zara city bag, I had this about two years ago and although it was £50 it was perfect for me in sixth form. Its perfect for a laptop, text books and notebooks (hopefully not all at the same time). Anyway, this bag lasted me through two years of travelling, book carrying, and countless throw-the-bag-on-the-floor scenarios

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