Niko Pro Oval Brush Set


Oval brushes have been popular for a few years now and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. There’s something so elegant about gliding the brush over your face to apply your makeup. As much as I would love to pay in for the super super expensive brushes you see all over YouTube, my wage doesn’t exactly support that. Unfortunately I need to spend my money on grown up things like rent, bills, and food – shame.

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Whats in my bag ⎜New Michael Kors bag!


Hello everyone! I recently got a Michael Kors bag and I am in love with it! Its not totally dissimilar to my bag before. I used to have the Zara city bag, I had this about two years ago and although it was £50 it was perfect for me in sixth form. Its perfect for a laptop, text books and notebooks (hopefully not all at the same time). Anyway, this bag lasted me through two years of travelling, book carrying, and countless throw-the-bag-on-the-floor scenarios

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