Niko Pro Oval Brush Set


Oval brushes have been popular for a few years now and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. There’s something so elegant about gliding the brush over your face to apply your makeup. As much as I would love to pay in for the super super expensive brushes you see all over YouTube, my wage doesn’t exactly support that. Unfortunately I need to spend my money on grown up things like rent, bills, and food – shame.

But ALAS! I found these beauties online. These are the Niko Pro Oval brushes and you can buy this set of 10 for £60. I know I know thats still not exactly pocket change but these are always of special offer and sales so if you keep you eye out you can get them discounted. I was lucky enough to get these for christmas last year so I thought I would talk about them a little bit as I don’t think they’re a brand that gets much press.


First off, The Quality.

The box they come in doesn’t scream quality. Although it’s not something that actually matters in terms of the quality, it did make me worry slightly. However when you open the box they are utterly beautiful with a rose gold and matte black handle and the brushes themselves were super soft. I didn’t expect them to be as soft as they were but they were great.  The handles on the brushes feel sturdy although sometimes when I’m applying my foundation I feel I need to support the thing part of the handle. They are very light in weight meaning that it’d very easy to apply your makeup with them, they are not a effort to hold and fit very comfortably in the hand. Apart from the one for two stray hairs I’ve found over the last month, I haven’t found these brushes to shed much either.
Niko Pro Oval Brushes

The Application

I use the third largest brush to apply my foundation every day now. At first I found that I had to have my beauty blender on hand because I noticed some streaks but as I’ve gone on I don’t need it anymore. Using these brushes take a bit of getting used to because the application is much different to what most people are familiar with. Instead of buffing you glide over your face until your makeup is blended. When you’ve got this down it creates a lovely flawless finish to your foundation. I’ve found while using this brush I’ve used less foundation. For a better finish start with a small amount and them build up where you need extra coverage. You’ll probably find, like me, that you need less foundation than you actually think. It all depends on the fountain you are using but remember foundation is meant to create an even base, any imperfections still shining through a thin layer can be covered with concealer. Plus your foundation will last longer – yay!

As for the other steps in my makeup routine I have found some brushes aren’t as effective. For example I have resorted back to a big fluffy brush for all over bronzer as it’s easier for when you need a light hand. For things like contouring and blush, I’m still very much enjoying using these Oval brushes however I do like to go over with a sponge to make sure I’ve not applied too much. (this can be easily done with powders).

Overall I’m so so happy with these brushes and I would definitely recommend to anyone. Niko Pro also have another small set on sale so if 10 brushes sounds too many you can always go for them.

Side note: These brushes are also completely cruelty-free and vegan!


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