It’s 2017! My New Years Resolutions & Goals

Welcome to 2017 everyone! Another year has come round pretty fast and I’m looking back at 2016 and trying to think about all the good and the bad and where to go from here. While I don’t believe that people should just change completely at strike of twelve but for most of us it’s the kick up the bum we need to really make a change.

1. No More Diets

It might not seem like a hard resolution to make and may very be the opposite to most people for the new year, but it’s a big one for me. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t trying to lose weight and get slimmer. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to become healthier and develop better eating habits however, I had become convinced that healthier meant eating less. I was convinced fat was bad and even got the point where I though eating proper meals was bad. Last year I did the 90 SSS Programme by Joe Wicks. Yet again I had failed another diet and decided to try something different. I didn’t change drastically but I did notice I was more toned. Best of all, my knowledge of food changed dramatically and I realised that I didn’t need to starve myself to look good. Don’t get me wrong, I would still like my body to change but I want to continue eating the way that Joe taught me and that means to never diet again!

2. Save More Money

Since University I have been living with my parents. Although this has been great for saving money, I could have saved far more if I had got a grip of my shopping habits. I’m far too good at ‘treating’ myself and buying anything that I like. I need to start being strict with saving more money for important things like moving out and buying a house.

3. Write In My Planner

A small little resolution, but I’d like to get better at writing in my planner. I go through phases of writing down dates/events/appointments but then I won’t check them. I’ve even bought myself a fancy little planner so that I have more of a reason to.

4. Only Buy Clothes I Really Like/Want

This goes hand in hand which no.2 but I have an awful habit of being too lazy to send things back or thinking that I kind of like something so I keep it. There will always be nice clothes *sigh* but that does mean that I need to buy everything. I often look at other people’s outfits and take inspiration for my own wardrobe but not everything suits my style well and I need to focus on only buying the things that suit me, that I really really like and that I AM going to wear.

5. Move Out

Something that isn’t completely in my control but I would love for 2017 to be the year I move out! I’ve only been living with my parents again after University for around 6 months and in that time I’ve been completing an internship. But some good news, I’ve just got a new job, this means I proper wage so hopefully means a new beginning.

Some are small and some are bigger but these are my New Years Goals/Resolutions this year. Hopefully, I will manage to meet them but if I don’t, that’s fine! Life is about enjoying yourself and that’s my biggest goal of this year, to be happy!



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