Why It’s OK To Have a Bad Skin Day

We’ve all been there, bad skin days. NO ONE likes them, who would? But it happens to everyone, its completely normal and it shouldn’t get in the way of everyday life. Here’s number reasons why its OK to have a bad skin day:

  1. Hormones are NATURAL

Although some people unfortunately suffer from PCOS which causes a testosterone-induced skin and hair changes such as acne, many women (and men) get spots as a result of regular hormones.

Ance or spots are extremly common. Almost everyone will have them at some point in their lives, with some having it worse than others. It sucks to get hormonal spots but its a completely normal thing that you can’t prevent. Just try to keep it clean to reduce the redness.

2. Nobodies Perfect

It may be hard to accept but NOBODIES perfect. All those pictures you see on the internet and social media? Yeah, probably airbrushed or edited. Bad skin has become a taboo and even when people have them, they are rarely shown online. Don’t get caught up in thinking that you are the only one with flaws because you’re not. Everyone has got flaws whether it be skin, hair or something internal. Focus on the positive things about yourself and don’t pay too much attention to a bad skin day.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

Similar to my last point, when models and social media influencers have bad skin days they are usually photoshopped away or covered my heavy-duty makeup. Unfortunately, for us mere mortals , we have┬ábad skin days and we can’t photoshop real life. With unrealistic expectations being set about the way skin should look its not surprise people can get down about bad skin days but its important to realise that in day to day life, normal things like this happens and you shouldn’t let you get down.

4. No One Will Care As Much As You

To you, a bad skin day may be all you see in the mirror. How can anyone miss it? You ask. But we all have a tendency to focus on the negative and its easy to get caught up in it. The people around you probably won’t even notice what you have and you will have stressed yourself out for nothing. It’s hard to ignore, but just remember that no one will care as much as you do so don’t waste your energy getting obsessed with a bad skin day when you can just look past it and enjoy your day.




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