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Now as much I would love every body to think I have lovely naturally even toned/coloured skin theres no hiding that I (as everyone else) have blemishes and breakouts. Good skincare is vital but discolouration is natural. If your foundation isn’t quite cutting it then heres colour correcting makeup  101.


The two most common issues with discolouration are redness (spots) and blueness (under eye circles). Colour correcting works by counteracting colours, to this do  we have to go back to basics and look at the colour wheel. Don’t worry I didn’t listen much is GCSE Art either, but its not too hard to remember. Opposite colours on the colour wheel counteract each other, neutralising colours. So if you’ve ever walked past a green concealer in your local boots and seen a green concealer and though “who the hell would buy that”, green is the opposite of red.

The next issue is under eye circles. They tend to be on the blue purple side (sad face), to counteract this you need something yellowy orange to apply under your eyes.

Today I used my concealer pallete that I got of Ebay for about £5. I had the exact same on years ago from costal scents but it got lost somewhere between university houses. This pallete is great if your on a budget, it comes with 15 colours. You’ve got a green, purple and yellow concealer in there along with other concealer shades. Its fab for contouring too!

If you’re someone who has a red completion all over and wants to neutralise it before foundation, try a green based primer. The one I used today for my cheeks is  TOPSHOP The colour correcting primer.

Please excuse the state of my skin at the moment, I know its not good but its improving!

IMG_0643 IMG_0642

Here I’m just using a concealer brush to apply the green concealer to spots that are particularly red, so around my nose, my sports and old spot marks. I like to apply it with a brush so its more concentrated, then blend the edges out with my fingers, keeping the bulk of the product right where I need it.

IMG_0646 I then applied a bit of this primer to my cheeks and T-Zone where I’m a little pink today. (You don’t have to use both, whatever works for your skin best)

IMG_0650For under my eyes I mixed my Benefit Boi-ing concealer which is a little orange for me, and the yellow concealer in my palette. The yellow concealer is a little light for me so combined with the the benefit one, helps brighten my under eyes- a very vital step for me I’m afraid.

IMG_0653 IMG_0656

Now I’m just putting some of my normal concealer on, today I used the TOPSHOP concealer in the shade 2.0. If you like to apply concealer after foundation you can do that too, because I’m using a lighter foundation I like to do it first.

IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0676After applying foundation I set my makeup with a loose powder, paying particular attention to a nasty spot I have tried to cover up. Then I’m done! I just applied the rest of my makeup like normal and finish with a setting spray.

Products used:



Rimmel Match Perfection Loose face powder: Transparent



Hope you found this helpful, thanks for reading!

Lots of love

Leah x

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  1. Your explanation about the color wheel was kind of like my “ohhhh now I get it!” moment lol. I never quite understood how the different colored concealers worked before. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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