The “I’m not hungover!” Makeup

Hey everyone! So being a student I have experienced my (un)fair share of hangovers. Now whether you’re a student or not I’m sure you’ve all experienced the try-not-to-get-drunk-but-end-up-getting-smashed-kinda-night, yeah? yeah.

With tiger tigers student nights being on a Tuesday I try not to leave my bed on wednesdays but on those god awful days I have to actually venture out the house and interact with fellow students, I try to make myself look a little better than my stay in bed hungover self. I hope this post helps, I tried to keep it fairly light but cover up all the imperfections on my face, this makeup is a sort of “natural but better” makeup. Note: if you really want to convince everyone you had a peaceful night and were in bed at a normal time, remember to wash of the stamp on your hand, something I regularly forget to do sufficiently.

So to start I wash my face, getting all the makeup that I missed when I washed my facehalf-arsedly the night before. Then I take my Olay moisturizer and put this all over my face and neck, taking a few minutes to soak up my tiredness. I then put on my Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye cream, any eye cream is okay, I like this one because its brightening so gives me the extra help I need covering up my dark circles. Then onto primer, I’m using urban decays brightening and tightening face primer, I’m trying to give the impression that my face is bright today, trying to make me look awake and fresh. Next I’m taking benefits boi-ing concealer in shade 3, this is a few shades too dark for me so I put this under my eyes to cover up the blue in my dark circles. A lot of makeup brands will have a yellowly concealer for this purpose, if you don’t have one, try putting a orangy lipstick or eyeshadow under the eye, don’t worry we’ll put normal concealer over the top!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.24.38

Now I’m moving to the foundation, today I’m mixing Estée Lauders double wear with No7 Instant Radiance foundation, double wear is my go to foundation because it will not budge and No7s foundation gives a lovely dewy finish to the skin, making the skin look super healthy! I put equal amounts onto my real techniques brush and buff this into the skin. Then I go in my real techniques shadow brush with more of my double wear to cover up any extra blemishes I have still shining through. Then I just fill in my eyebrows using my urban decay browbox powders. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.24.27Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.23.56Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.23.40

Now to add a little more light to the face. With a concealer a few shades lighter than my skin, I dot some product under my eyes and across the tops of my cheekbones, down the middle of my forehead, nose, chin and just above my lip. If you’ve read my contour post or seen anything to do with contouring you’ll see its just the same as highlighting the face. Pay close attention to the light colour in the inner corner of the eye as this is whats really gunna make you look awake! Next I’m just gunna contour a little to add some colour back into my face and then finish my face with blush from MAC. This is one of my favourite blushes as it gives a  subtle colour to the cheeks while giving you a lovely glow. Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.23.31

Now for the eyes, you can skip these steps with yours not one for eyeshadow but I go in with too faced shadow and put this on my brow bone and again in the inner corner of my eyes. Then I’m taking woodwinked my MAC and putting this all over the lid, the reason I used this colour is cause it makes you look like youve put way more effort into your makeup than you actually have, definatly my go to if I’m in a rush or can’t be botered! Then I just pop on some mascara, I kept it just to my top lashes to leave my eyes looking open and lighter and finished my eyes with a little white liner on my bottom waterline. I kept it simple with just lipbalm on my lips and there we go! My -trying to look half decend with a hangover makeuplook!Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.23.06Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 23.23.20

IMG_0533Hope you found this helpful!

Lots of love,

Leah x

Sorry for this post being a week late, my macbook with all my pictures broke so I couldn't post anything!:(

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