Five High-End Products Worth Their Money

Now lets just close our eyes for a minute and pretend we have endless amounts of money to spend on endless amount of hair products, makeup and skincare- ahhhhh. Right, now back to reality. A little treat here and there is very well appreciated but for the majority of the time we (me) have to put sadly look but not touch everything in Harvey Nicks and walk on by. Living on a student budget can be challenging at times and although I’m not a lover of own-brand digestive biscuits I will happily sacrifice those luxuries for a alternative if its worth it. I’m sure there are more than five but in my experience, these five products are the worth the money and in my eyes, worth giving up those heinz baked beans.

1) First up, Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

I was introduced to this foundation by a few friends and thought I’d step up my make up from the various drugstore brands I’d been trying. I always found my makeup never lasted all day and it never truly matched my skin tone. I must admit I did gulp when I heard the price was £28.50 but I just closed my eyes and typed in my pin number (I’m getting good at that). After over a year of using this foundation I can safely say I will never go back to anything else! This really does what it says on the tin and stays put all day and night. If there is one thing you want to invest in makeup wise, in my opinion it would be this foundation!

2) CHANEL Bronzing Makeup Base

I was bought this bronzer my a few friends for my birthday. You can imagine my eyes when I saw the CHANEL bag. You can use this under your makeup or over the top. At the moment I’m using this as my contour and to bronze up my face a little. Its the creamiest formula that goes on so smoothly on the skin. It also gives a lovely natural dewy finish to the skin- perfect! At £32, this leaves a little dent in your wallet (purse) but this thing will last your absolutely ages! If you’re a bronzaholic like me you’ll love this as much as I do. (Thanks Lucy and Emma)

3) Benefits Watt’s up!

Now if you’ve been reading my blog from the start you’ll be very aware by now I love looking dewy and glowing, what better way than a highlighter to um, highlight that? This highlighters is another creamy formula that blends into the skin smoothy. The gold undertone is brilliant for the summer but subtle enough for those winter months. Apart from other highlighters you won’t look like you’ve just stuck your head in a bucket of glitter, you’ll look like you’ve got a lovely goddess glow to you, if only it doesn’t cost to look natural hey?

4) Urban Decay Brightening and Tightening Primer

Hmm you may be spotting a trend here, face products. If I was only allowed to do one, hair or makeup, makeup would win. And with that, I would always pick to fix my skin! Face products is where (as you can tell) I prefer to spend my money on because I feel thats the most important (this is just my opinion). But this also means with me forever searching for the holy grail face products I’ve come across a few fails and happily stumbled across a few wins. This primer is a win. I use this every day under my makeup and oh the difference it makes. This primer creates the perfect base for my foundation making it blend in effortlessly and flawlessly without giving my face a matte or greasy look. At £19 defiantly worth the money.

5) Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray

And finally, the weather proof hair spray. Unlike most hairsprays this comes in a spray pump rather than an aerosol. I bought this for £10 of Feel Unique and although its not too expensive its defiantly more than you would pay for a hairspray in your local drugstore. With an obsession with curly hair I do not appreciate cold windy mornings where by the time I arrive at my lecture my hair is a flicky frizzy mess. I don’t like to cover my hair in products but this hairspray has helped my curls like no hairspray I’ve used before. For £10 I would say its worth its price!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Leah x

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7 thoughts on “Five High-End Products Worth Their Money

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Benefit’s Watts Up but I was wondering does it last a long time? Because I am only really looking into using the highlighter part of the stick x

  2. I love my Benefit Watt’s Up! The only hairspray I’ve ever fallen in love with is the Living Proof Flex hairspray. It smells wonderful and holds without feeling crunchy. Unfortunately it’s pretty pricey for a can of aerosol goodness.

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