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Now I’m sure you would have heard of eyebrow threading. Its a treatment thats becoming increasingly popular over the last few years with brow bars popping up in the middle of shopping centres and hughstreet shops, but why? Threading’s become so popular there must be something about it thats addictive. And it is, trust me.

So in total I’ve had my eyebrows waxed once and threading four or five times. I’m one of the lucky ones with naturally blonde hair meaning all of the hairs on my face are very light. For years I took that and used it as my excuse for never bothering with my eyebrows- a little tweezing here and there and I was good to go. But after experiencing a bad over pluck and a not-so-fun waxing experience I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone should get there eyebrows threaded. Whether you think you need it or not trust me you’ll love the finish.

Now for a little back story. Threading is an ancient form of hair removal practised mostly in Asia and the Middle East. It is done by taking a thin cotton thread and twisted in a way that it traps the hairs and pull them from the root. This way of removing hair does not remove a layer of skin like waxing can, meaning its perfect for sensitive skin and is less likely to cause irritation. Threading experts carefully remove unwanted hair without removing any of the base hairs of the natural eyebrow which can often be done when tweezing at home, meaning you aren’t left with gaps in the eyebrow. As the thread removes the hair from the root, after time you will find the hair doesn’t grow back as fast or as thick, you are also able to removed hairs that have just peaked the the surface of the skin unlike waxing.

Below you can see two pictures of my eyebrows pre-threading, the first one shows my eyebrows when filled in lightly and the second shows them clean and free from any makeup. The threading took about 3-5 minutes all together, most places you don’t have to book so its really easy to just pop in on your way back from shopping. IMG_0563 IMG_0564

Now because my eyebrows were quite thin anyway to tidy them up I came out with my eyebrows a bit thinner than I would usually like, but the lady explained to me that after time the hairs that were the base of my eyebrows will grow back creating thicker fuller looking brows, thats when I will have the option to shape my eyebrows how I would usually have them. Me being an absolute idiot, forgot to take photos of my eyebrows completely clean. So I thought I’d just pop in a little photo of my eyebrows filled in and how I would have them on a day to day basics. As you can see they are a lot darker, thats just because I had them tinted as well. Even if your like me you will notice the hairs round your eyes are so much neater as threading gets rid of all the little blonde hairs you wouldn’t usually be able to pluck. As for my experience like I said it was super quick and although my eyes watered a ridiculous amount it wasn’t actually very painful (this is also something that gets better over time). You will find that some areas are more sensitive- my temples were more painful than the rest of my brow area. So next time you see a brow bar just pop in a give it a go and decide for yourself!

IMG_0011Hope you enjoyed this guys sorry its a few hours late but with moving back to uni I’ve been busier than usual, tuesdays post should be up at normal time!

Lots of love

Leah x

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