Making false lashes look natural..

  So everyone loves a good pair of eye lashes, well I do anyway. But I hate looking like I’ve got a pair on. I also love individual eyelash extensions but as a student thats just something I can’t prioritise, sadly its things like rent and bills and …food. Now I understand not everyone will believe my eyelashes a 2cm longer than usual but I’ve found this way of applying lashes is much more natural looking and in my experience- easier. 

Now first things first you need to get some falsies. I find the sort in the picture below best for natural looks a good match is the Demi Wispies from Ardell or you can find a variety of red cherry lashes on .As you can see I added a few individual lashes on top because I wanted to add length, this step is up to you completely depending on the lash you buy and the lash you want. Next cut your lashes into three sections, this makes them easier to apply. 


Coat your lashes with mascara and take your glue, run it along the edge of the eyelash and small line along to top of the eyelash. Wait for this to get tacky – around 30 seconds. Look up into your mirror and place the false lash under your lashes. Apply the lash as you would normally but under the lash instead. This gives the look of thick natural lashes and looks as if the extensions are coming from your eyelid. Applying lashes this way won’t show anyone the false lash line that you can usually see when you look down. Don’t worry this won’t effect your eye in any way as the glue doesn’t touch your waterline. Take each sections of lash and apply the same way, I found it easier to apply from the outside in. lash2

Work your way round your lashes making sure to lit the lash up as the glue sticks. You can add some more mascara if you like however if you want to use the same lashes again make sure they are cleaned. Alternatively give you lashes a good coating before hand. Personally this gives a much better affect and opens up my eyes. lash3lash4

Hope everyone enjoyed this post and found it helpful.


Lots of Love

Leah x

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  1. […] I took my Costal Scents 88 Pallet and took one of the neutral colours that is slightly lighter than my natural colour (obviously this will change from person to person, but just keep it close to your skin colour) and applied this all over the lid. Then I took a MAC Eyeshadow in Goldmine and applied this lightly over the the nude I just put on my lid. Then I took a deep brown from the 88 Pallet and put that in my crease. I kept it super natural on the lid just because of the lips, but the gold brings out the eye a little. Then I took a big eyeshadow brush and blended out the brown until I had a really soft line. Then I applied my highlighter on my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye. To keep the eyes still looking quite soft I used a pencil eyeliner to line my top lid, today I used the Mac Eye Pencil in Ebony. Then I popped on some false lashed and that was it for the eyes! Side note- try some individual lashes for a softer lash effect or just keep it natural with some mascara. (How to apply lashes) […]

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