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I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘superstay’ products but lets be honest if all these beauty buys really did last all day in any weather and situation why would we ever buy anything else?! Now the one superstay makeup item I really swear buy is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, but its not exactly a foundation everyone can/wants to fork out for.

I’m not exactly a massive lipstick wearer but if I do I like it to stay. In fact I think the main reason I don’t wear lipstick often is because of that awful lip-liner lips look you get after eating, drinking or just a few hours of wear. So I thought I’d give maybelline a chance to show what they’ve got. These lip colours come in two varieties, gloss and stick. The gloss is highly pigmented and goes on like any other, after a few minutes the gloss dries and then you apply the lip balm attached to the end of the stick, this comes in very handy. These glosses do stay on your lips but if you don’t carry round a lip balm with you you won’t like the feel of your lips after 2 hours and it won’t look too hot either. I found these colours stayed all day although needed a little touch up after my lunch but that wasn’t a problem for me. As for the lipsticks, the colours go on very rich and have a creamily formula, these work in a similar way as they dry onto your lips making them last all day but they’ll also dry you’re lips out so you’re best off carrying around a lip balm with you.

All in all a very nice lip product and it wins my vote. However if you’re not one for wearing lipstick everyday then its a good idea to invest into the Maybelline Superstay lip stains, these come in darker colours but the colour sinks into your lips rather than sitting on top of them. For £8.99 or a lipgloss and £6.99 for a lipstick these are something of a life saver when it comes to getting dressed up and going out.

From top to bottom: Lip colour 760 Pink Spice, Lip colour 510 Red Passion, Lipstick 720 Lasting Chestnut, Lipstick 430 Stay With Me Coral


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One thought on “Maybelline Superstay Colors

  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear is my fave but I don’t use it in the summer: far too thick and heavy on the skin! The dryness you describe for the Maybelline Super Stay lipstick is quite common for this type of products from my experience.
    I will have a look to the Maybelline Super Stay lipstick to see if they work on me (I noticed sometimes these things are quite personal!). Have a nice day!

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