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IMG_3131I don’t care what you say, a bubble bath once in a while is essential. After a year in student halls with a bathroom filled with fluorescent unflattering lighting and pipes poking out the walls I have really learnt to appreciate my bathroom at home, and of course-the baths. There are a few things that I have come to think of a essentials for bath times to make them as relaxing as possible.

1) Candles

Candles are a must for a relaxing bath. Don’t get me wrong I love yankee candles, but for an addict like me they cost too much to be buying every other week! The one I’ve been loving is the vanilla and coconut candle from primark, this one lasts ages and will only cost you £2- bargain.

2) Bubble bath

I went into Lush the other week and was recommended The Comforter Bubble Bar, they showed me how it worked and what it made the bath like and I couldn’t say no. First off it smells amazing, its really fruity and sweet so is my kind of smell, but as we all know Lush is filled to the brim with all sorts of bubble bars, bath bombs and every other bath combination! I love the one I got because it makes lovely bubbles and makes my bath bright pink (defiantly my guilty pleasure).

3) Body Wash

Next up, Imperial Leather shower foam wash. I know have every one of these (not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed). I’ve mentioned them before and I’m going to mention them again because they are the best thing since sliced bread. Great for giving you that freshly washed feeling and smell but also double up as a saving cream, this works just the same but smells better at the same time- fab.

4) FUN

I know I’ve already mentioned bubble bath and body wash but this one is so different to anything I’ve had before! Its called FUN from Lush and is the beauty version of play dough-sounds fun right? This stuff can be used for moulding but can also be used as a bubble bath, body wash and hair wash. It comes in a variety of flavoured but I chose the blue one as its filled with lavender and chamomile which are perfect for relaxing. Just close your eyes and you’ve feel like you’re in a spa for the evening.

5) Razor

Now this might seem a bit of an odd one as everyone had a razor and probably have stuck to the same one for years or changes every time one is one offer. Either way I’m going to recommend the Wilkinson Sword Quattro for women razor. I’ve been through a few different razors in my time but this ones got a special place in my heart- no one wants hairy legs! I feel this razor gives the closest shave and if I combine with the Imperial Leather wash then I’m moisturised and good to go.

6) Moisturiser

Baby oil isn’t just for babies you know! Slap on some of this onto damp skin then dab off the extra when you finish drying yourself. This’ll soak into your skin quite quickly and you’re left with moisturised skin and a lovely healthy glow.


Now I know nothing can beat a day at the spa but lets face the facts and remember we CAN’T do that all the same- shame. But we can set a side an hour or two for a nice relaxing bath! Combine this with one of my Spa Series treatments for a proper pamper night:)


Have fun girls!


Thankyou for reading,

Lots of Love

Leah x



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