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Here we go! Tanning 101, theres so many products out there and it can be very overwhelming even for expert tanners. I’m certainly no expert but I am a fake tan addict and I love looking bronzed. I may have mentioned before that I’m a student, meaning as much as I want to spend £40 on the best fake tan ever (and trust me I want to) I really can’t with how often I fake tan and how quickly I get through it. So for now I try my very hardest to save the pennies.

So theres three types of tanners, instant tan, long term tan and gradual tan. Instant tan are products like the Rimmel Instant tan will give you that instant tan, this Rimmel one is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting a patchy arm when you get a drink split down you in the pub- opps. But this will wash off next time you shower! A similar product is the Solait BB bronzing cream, this perfects your skin while giving a little colour too. It has shimmer in this one but its very subtle and natural looking- a perfect addition to a tanning mousse! Sally hansen also do some instant tans mostly known as the Airbrush Legs, this is referred to has leg makeup, this is going to give you some colour and perfect your legs (you can also use this on the rest of your body) covering freckles, veins and stretch marks.

Next up, long term tanners. When I say long term I mean 4-5 days maybe a week if you’re lucky. Most of these tans give you colour instantly and get darker over the next few hours, after that you wash off all cover coat and you’re left with a lovely tan (hopefully). I’ve tried a few different tans like this but I keep going back to my trusty St Moriz Instant Self Tan Mousse, you can get this off amazon or places like savers for £2.99- bargain! Another good one is Tanatomicals Self Tan Mousse. Another long term tan is the LOreal Self-Tanning Elixir and I wrote a full review on this so go check that out for some more detail!

Last but not least, gradual tanners! These are great cause you are moisterising your skin at the same time which makes you look lovely and healthy. They are absolutely perfect if you already have a tan and you just want to maintain it. I’ve mentioned before that the Dove Summer Glow and the Garnier Summer Body gradual tanners are my favourite and are very good prices.

Hope this helped a few of you on what tanning products are what and help next time you’re faced with the decision on whether so bare the pale skin or venture into the fake tan aisle with a confused face and your purse in hand.

If you have any questions or queries just let me know!

Thankyou for reading

Lots of Love

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5 thoughts on “Tanning products 101

  1. I really want to try out the St.Mortiz tan because I have heard so many good things about it and its so incredibly cheap, I just get worried that I’ll mess it up XD Love this post x

    1. Just start with the medium colour and use a mitt with gloves. Moisturise your ankles, knees and any dry areas and then go a head! Its really easy with this one cause you can see where you’ve already applied the tan, don’t worry about going over areas more than once as long as you’re all covered you shouldnt be patchy, good luck!x

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