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You may be one of the lucky ones and have perfectly formed and shaped eyebrows, in which case I envy you. But for the majority of us we have to tend to our eyebrows with a littte TLC. We’ve all had those days where we’ve over plucked or over waxed or perhaps a trip to the beauty salon is a little over due and we have to sport the scouce brow for a few weeks longer than we’d like. Well whatever your problem theres a makeup product to sort it and I’m here to tell you about a few!

I’ll start off with the most well known, the eyebrow pencil! This is what I use everyday and although my eyebrows aren’t a bad shape, they do need a little more definition and because I’m a natural blonde my eyebrows are too light,  so a pencil just darkens them a little so they don’t blend in with my face. My favourite is the Rimmel Professtional Eyebrow Pencil, its a basic pencil with a very low price and it stays on all day! Another good one is MAC Eye Brows if you’re looking for a more high end product.

Next, the powder eyebrow sets. I find that these are better for those trying to fill in there brows to make them look a bit fuller. Brow powders some times come with wax and with the right brush this allows for some precession when filling in your brows to make them look a bit more defined. I have the Urban Decay Brow Box. This comes with a little brush and a tiny pair of tweezers so its perfect to fit in your makeup bag, it also comes with two different shades so you have a little leeway. Another nice brow powder is the Anastasia Brow set, this comes with the loose powder and a gel, you mix these together to form a paste and apply to your brows. The gel makes the powder super long wear and water proof.

Brow gel is another product thats becoming more popular. These are good for tidying brows and making them look neater. You can get a clear one like the Gosh Defining Brow Gel ( you can also use any clear mascara, they come as cheap as £2 and do they same job!) or you can opt for a tinted brow gel like Maybellines Sculpting Brow Mascara.

Lastly the felt tip, this is not particularly popular but its great for tinting your brows to the right colour and making them look a little fuller and darker. I’ve tried the Gosh Long Lasting Brow Pen and thats good but only if you already have a brow to tint. As its a pen the colour sinks in your skin so won’t look natural with no hair on the top, but this is still a good product that does last all day!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

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  1. Bloglovin isn’t too complicated, just click around and you’ll get it! I tried the Rimmel brow pencil and it was too warm for my hair color. I wish it worked for me though! The one I love is the Anastasia Perfect Brow pencil. I’m pretty lazy with my brows, but like most people I have one nice brow and the other one perpetually makes me crazy.

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