Beauty and Fashion buys.

Payday came around and so did another shopping trip. Surprisingly my bank account didn’t take too much of a hit and I came back with a few essentials and only two three little treats.

ImageOf course being a student means primark is the first place to go when searching for mildly fashionable items and wardrobe basics, within the first few minutes of walking in I spotted a display of halter neck camis, they had a range of four colours however I could only find my size in white. This top was a whopping £1.70 (doing well so far eh?), the only other primark buys for the day were some shorts for my boyfriend and a armband for running- exciting I know.

Next we hit superdrug, for a few beauty essential items. I picked up a eye cream from the superdrug naturally radiant range; as far as I’m concerned cheap and cheerful is the way to go and I’ve tried a few products from this range before so I thought I’d give it a go before forking out all of my wages at a Clinique counter.

ImageI also thought I’d try the LOreal Elvive fibrology shampoo, for £2.99 I thought why not if its suddenly  going to make my hair as thick as it says it will, besides I needed a new shampoo. Next I got the imperial leather foamburst shower wash in moisturising honey and almond milk. From just using this once already, I love it. I like the smell, but the texture is so good I’m almost annoyed at myself for not trying it sooner, I truly felt clean after using this and I’m excited for my next shower just to use it again. I then got the dove tinted moisturiser, I often switch between this one and the garnier one but as this was half price I couldn’t resist. The last beauty product I got was the body shop body butter. I got one in papaya a few months ago when there was a huge sale and as soon as I started using it I hoped and prayed there would be other sale with these in, lo and behold, there was. This time I got the passionfruit one, it smells so amazing and truly recommend these body butters to everyone.

Lastly I surprised myself by buying I skort, these have been back in fashion for a while now and I’ve always loved how they look. I finally got the balls to try one on and I do really like it! The newlook mirrors were not so flattering on my cellulite but in an empowering moment I thought “what the hell; no-one cares” and bought them. They were £17.99 but I saved a little with my student discount.

I’m hoping to do various follow-up posts on a few of my buys soon!

Lots of Love,

Leah x


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7 thoughts on “Beauty and Fashion buys.

  1. Heya, I have the new Loreal Elvive range and I found that the shampoo did not agree with my scalp at all! I just did a review on it last week and I don’t really have good things to say about the whole range. What do you think of it?
    Im a new Irish blogger and I’ve been enjoying the content of your blog! Check out mine at: and maybe we can follow each other? I’d really appreciate it 🙂
    Cecilia x

    1. Hey! Like I said I only bought the shampoo from that range and I’ve only used it the once so far, I cleaned my hair really well and I liked how my hair felt after! I’ll let you know what I think of it after I’ve got a chance to thoroughly test it out:) yes of course I’ll have a look!x

      1. Im glad that it’s working for you! I was really disappointed with this shampoo in particular but hey, you can’t please everyone 😛
        Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog x

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